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Now available for pre-orders: The Click & Grow 25 – The most space and energy efficient indoor garden system that will grow an abundance of greens and herbs for you. The garden takes care of watering, lights and the connected app gives you real time updates and tips on the progress of your plants. Ready to start you indoor greenhouse?
What makes The Click & Grow 25 unique is the patented tray system that creates the perfect cycle of growth, meaning you’ll always have enough yield to add to your dishes at all times. Insert pods from one end, harvest from the other. Continuously.
Choose between 3 complementary plant starter kits that all contain 54 plant pods to get you started. All starter kits contain 54 plant pods (6 varieties; 9 of each):
The Classic Salad Mix – Romaine Lettuce, Red Lettuce, Arugula, Red Frill Mustard, Green Chard, Green Sorrel.
The Asian Cuisine Greens Mix- Pak Choi, Red Pak Choi, Leaf Mustard, Mibuna, Shungiku, Mizuna
The Lettuce and Leafy Veggie Mix- Green Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, Red Lettuce, Pak Choi, Green Kale, Rainbow Chard.
The garden comes with two finishes: White and Dark.  
Save 20% off the eventual MSRP of 799.95.- when pre-ordering.
Your pre-ordered Click & Grow 25 will be delivered in July 2022. 


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