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Need something a little different? Need to stand out from the crowd? How about a music track made entirely of body clap, slap, and stomp sounds, from yours truly! A Rhythmic only track with energy, syncopation, and groove that builds to a stunning climax. Not a single instrument was hurt during the making of this music track…. but my hands are really sore! Preview: 0:00 – 2:05 Demo 1 2:05 – 3:39 Demo 2 3:39 – 4:25 Demo 3 Song Sections 01_IntroA (0:08) Simple Introduction, foot stomps and claps 02_IntroB_AddSnaps (0:08) Builds on IntroA with finger snaps 03_IntroC_AddClaps (0:08) Builds on IntroB with additional clapping rhythm 04_IntroD_AddStomps (0:08) Builds on IntroC with additional stomping rhythm 05_VerseA (0:16) Verse se


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