Discount on Roku Express | HD Streaming Media Player with High Speed HDMI Cable and Simple Remote

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  • Watch what you love: Start streaming with a massive selection of free, live, and premium TV, including Roku Originals and 275 plus live TV channels for free on The Roku Channel
  • Quick and easy setup: It’s easy to get started with everything you need included in the box, including a High Speed HDMI Cable—just plug it into your TV and connect to the internet
  • Tons of power, tons of fun: Compact and power-packed, you’ll stream your favorites with ease, including movies and series on HBO Max, Netflix, Disney plus, and Prime Video
  • Simple remote: Incredibly easy to use, this remote features shortcut buttons to popular streaming channels
  • The free Roku mobile app: Control your Roku device with a convenient second remote, search with your voice, enjoy private listening with wireless headphones, and more on your iOS or Android device
  • Always up to date: Get the latest features, newest channels, and more with automatic software updates
  • Works with popular voice assistants: Enjoy easy voice control with Siri, Alexa, or Hey Google
  • Share it with Apple AirPlay: Effortlessly share videos, photos, music, and more from your Apple devices to your TV
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6 reviews for Discount on Roku Express | HD Streaming Media Player with High Speed HDMI Cable and Simple Remote







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  • Avatar

    Mike T

    I finally decided to buy one to help keep my TV relevant. Most of the apps from my 2011 model TV don’t work anymore and was limited in functionality. I wish I bought one of these years ago though. Now, reading through previous comments, there is someone who gave 2 stars and complained about being single banded WiFi. This guy doesn’t pay attention to what hes looking at. Yes, this is clearly stated that it only uses 2.4GHz band. No, they didn’t go backwards in any form with this. With a quick search, and all Roku Expresses, which is what this is, have been single band. And 2.4GHz is fine when only going 1080p for HD.

    Now about using it. Setting everything up doesn’t take long, around 10-15 minutes. Once you have it set up, it’s eay to use to get on Netflix, or Amazon Prime to watch your favorite shows. You can also download some other apps to get some free TV to you flip through another couple hundred channels and complain about there is nothing to watch, because we all know we do that. When watching something, the picture does take a minute to download, buffer, and catch up, so the first little bit may be a bit blurry, but it evens out. There is also the Roku app for your phone, and this adds some ease of use. Instead of using the remote to attempt to hit the sensor on the device, you can connect to the Roku on your phone as long as they are on the same WiFi network.

    If you want to stream easier on your TV, or your TV doesn’t have the Smart features you want, I would recommend this. If you want 4K video, then you need to look at something else because this doesn’t off it. Also, if you really need to use 5GHz WiFi, then also, look elsewhere. Now, I can’t compare this to other models, but this works well for what I wanted it for. Would recommend.

    June 25, 2022
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    Dee Arr

    I bought this Roku to expand into a fourth room, and I was happy to see that it was offered at a fraction of the cost of my other Roku models. Of course, this bare-boned unit asks for you to sacrifice some of the options on the more expensive units, such as a TV on/off button, volume control, and an earphone plug-in on the remote. All of these minor issues are easily solved by using both the Roku and the TV remotes or by employing the free Roku mobile app for iOS or Android.

    A major issue for some consumers might be the 2.4 GHz wireless connection. After several days of use, we have seen no issues. Streaming has been perfect, no lagging or interruptions, and load time seems no longer than any of the other Roku units we own.

    Installation was easy and there should be no hiccups for the majority of users. This was the first time that Roku asked me to sign up with a Google account, so it took the extra few minutes for me to set that up, but otherwise it was no harder than usual.

    If you are looking for a solid unit and a great price, you can’t do better than this unit. Five stars.

    June 23, 2022
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    Overall, was I eventually moderately satisfied. The initial setup was a breeze. However, I got a rude shock when the video from a lot of channels wouldn’t stream – instead of video, I got only sound and error code 020. (Of note, I was trying to run our Roku through an HDMI signal switch.)

    As it turns out, a lot of HDMI signal switches/splitters sold on Amazon are NOT HDCP compatible. (HDCP is a form of digital copy protection; I only learned about this when trying to troubleshoot this Roku). A lot of channels available on the Roku use HDCP. So, as a result, content from those channels could not be streamed from the Roku to our TV through our HDMI switch/splitter. It took some Googling to figure this out – the Roku support article regarding HDCP error messages mostly discussed unplugging and replugging things, and turning things on and off again. It did not mention HDMI signal switch/splitter incompatibility. I would have been up and running more quickly, and ultimately more satisfied, if that had been the case.

    After figuring this out, I plugged the Roku directly into the TV, and it worked perfectly. Unfortunately, I had to rearrange all of our other HDMI inputs in order to do this.

    If you are reliant on HDMI switches/splitters, figure out if your switch is HDCP compatible before getting this incarnation of Roku.

    Also, it is advertised that the Roku mobile app has a keyboard function – on my iOS, the the mobile remote control functions that I’ve tried work, with the exception of the mobile keyboard. Hopefully a Google search will yield a fix, but I would be even more satisfied if this keyboard feature worked right out of the box.


    The remote control stopped working after a month. It’s a good thing there is a mobile Roku app. Otherwise, we’d have to order a new remote.

    June 11, 2022
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    This is my 5th Roku and it works just as good as the rest. Don’t be scared off by the 2.4 GHz wireless connection, I’m watching YouTube TV at full 1080p with plenty of speed left over. Unless your network has a history of problems with 2.4 GHz connections, or you require 4K UHD quality, this is a great device that can be powered by your TV’s USB port.

    June 9, 2022
  • Avatar

    Rachel in Florida

    I have been working on overtime, a 2nd job and my damn nerves, to do what??? Spend all my money on cable and diet water??? Not anymore!!! I decided to invest in a Roku to alleviate half of my stress! I had no idea the number of free channels at my disposal. And they are full of shows that I will actually watch and like!!! I am actually glad to come home to my spinster life of watching tv with my pets and practicing Spam Sculpture Art. I have watched classic tv shows and new and fresh ones now. Grab one while the prices are low!!

    May 9, 2022
  • Avatar

    Rose Dawson

    We now have three of these devices in our home to help save on our cable bill. We use them for the spectrum app and they work great! Very easy to set up. A word to the wise – I read a couple of reviews about an activation fee. I set two of these up today and there is no activation fee!! If you are being asked to pay a fee you are in the wrong place! Do not google the set up website – type in the address as it is when prompted on the screen and you will be fine.

    April 28, 2022

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