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This is an energetic dubstep track with hybrid element as a cinematic orchestral build up which explodes with the massive drop. Use it for the action sports video, promo or an advertisement that needs explosive energy and pressure. This kit is made based on my ‘On The Way’ track and contains all sections of the original composition. Demo tracks: In order of appearance in preview Demo1 (1:30) Demo2 (1:21) Demo3 (4:26) (Original composition) Sections included: 01_Intro_Part1 (0:12) 02_Intro_Part2 (0:12) 03_Intro_Part3 (0:12) 04_Intro_Part4 (0:12) 05_BuildUp1 (0:25) 06_BuildUp1_NoDrumBreak (0:25) 07_Drop1_Part1 (0:12) 08_Drop1_Part2 (0:12) 09_Vers_Part1 (0:12) 10_Vers_Part2 (0:12) 11_BuildUp2 (0:25) 12_BuildUp2_NoKickAtStart


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