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  • Web camera specifically designed and optimized for professional quality video streaming on social gaming and entertainment sites like Twitch and YouTube
  • Stream and record vibrant, true to life HD 1080P video at 30Fps/ 720P at 60FPS. Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10, macOS X 10.9 or higher, XBox One, Chrome OS, Android v5.0 or above, USB port. FoV: 78 degree
  • Full HD glass lens and premium autofocus deliver razor sharp, clear video in consistent high definition while 2 built in mics capture your voice in rich stereo audio
  • Record clear videos even in dim or poorly backlit settings with automatic light correction. Cable length: 5 feet
  • 1 – year limited warranty
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‎2.7 Inches




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9 reviews for Discount on Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam – Full 1080p HD Camera







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    I bought this camera specifically because of Logitech advertising its capability of capturing 720p video at 60 frames per second. After setting up the camera and experimenting with it a bit, it’s clear to be that this is an absolute lie; it captures 30 FPS video at 720p but in 60 FPS mode the quality takes a severe nosedive and is clearly not native 720p. I’m not a lawyer but to me this seems like a case of blatant false advertising on Logitech’s part.

    The Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam ABSOLUTELY IS NOT capable of producing 720p (1280×720) video at 60 FPS. Instead it appears to capture something in the range of 360p (640×360) or possibly 480p (852×480), then scales it up to 720p and applies low-quality sharpening and denoise filters to hide some of the upscaling artifacts. (This will be a reference almost nobody reading this will understand, but the image quality at 60 FPS is similar to the game Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on Nintendo Switch while playing in handheld mode… yuck)

    Take a look at my attached screenshots to see for yourself. I took these as fairly and honestly as I could, both with the same lighting conditions and both IN FOCUS. I repeat, both of these samples are PERFECTLY IN FOCUS to the best of the camera’s capability at “720p”. Amazon recompresses images uploaded for user reviews, but even the version that you’re seeing should make the difference in “720p” when captured at 30 FPS vs 60 FPS plainly obvious.

    This is not simply a matter of 60 FPS requiring better lighting, which is what you’d expect from a higher framerate requiring the camera to use double the shutter speed and therefore only be able to capture half as much light for each frame. If that was the case, the 60 FPS image would be darker and grainier; instead the difference is in resolution: the 30 FPS capture is reasonable-looking 720p while the 60 FPS capture looks more like 360p, or roughly one quarter the resolution.

    One thing I must compliment as a positive is that this camera’s video capture has much lower latency than I expected. There’s almost no lag to speak of whatsoever, certainly less than 100ms in my estimation. This is much better than the ~1 second of latency that I’ve experienced with many webcams even under ideal lighting.

    I should also mention the audio quality: it’s bad, but no worse than you’d expect from the cheap microphones that webcams always get. You should probably just pretend the built-in microphone doesn’t exist unless you have no other choice. Virtually any standalone microphone will sound better, such as an inexpensive (~$40) dynamic microphone on a cheap stand or a modest condenser mic on your desk a few feet away.

    The reasons you should buy this camera are its decent 720p and 1080p quality at 30 FPS, but according to other reviewers its image quality is little (if any) better than Logitech’s older, cheaper C920 camera which has the same resolution capabilities (minus the faux-720p 60 FPS mode), so only buy a C922 if it’s on sale or if the extremely poor 60 FPS quality won’t be a problem for your use-case. If this product was advertised honestly as a 60 FPS 360p, 30 FPS 720p, 30 FPS 1080p camera then I’d give it 4 stars, one star deducted for being overpriced and the microphone being worse than it really ought to be in 2019. Instead it’s falsely advertised as a 60 FPS 720p camera which it absolutely is not, with a secondary 30 FPS 1080p mode. It gets 2 stars since the second part is still true and works better than I expected.

    I will not buy another Logitech camera anytime soon. If I need to record 60 FPS video I’ll be forced to put my cellphone on a tripod and use it instead of the “60 FPS” camera I just purchased for that specific purpose. Logitech’s marketing department should be ashamed and I will be attempting to get a partial refund from Amazon.

    June 28, 2022
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    William Cornock

    Ideal for green screen and streaming

    June 27, 2022
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    Jennifer Msumba

    This is a pretty great camera. I would give it 5 stars but I haven’t had it that long so fully test it, so I may change that in the future. One VERY important thing to know about this camera is that if you are using it with OBS, particularly with a Mac, if you are getting a bad quality picture you have to go into the “properties” of the camera in OBS and un-check the “use presets” box. Than set your frame rate and resolution. I spent hours trying to figure this out, so I figured I would pass that on.
    This camera can clip onto your monitor/laptop or you can easily mount it on a tripod.

    June 22, 2022
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    Jennifer Msumba

    The media could not be loaded.

     This review is for the Logitech C922. It is nothing but a more expensive C920. The selling point of being able to run 60 framerate at 720p is garbage. If you turn the framerate higher than 30, the picture becomes very noticeably blurry. When trying to look up a solution, all I could determine is that this is normal. If you do not use higher than 30 framerate, then the picture quality is quite nice. I think it is slightly better than the C920 (I use both). But the whole reason I bought this instead of another C920 was to have a 60 framerate cam, and it simply does not deliver in that capacity. I have not tried the background removal, but I’ve heard from multiple sources that it isn’t any better than a background removal solution you can download for literally any camera. So that’s not much of a selling point either.

    If you ignore the two selling points, and the only two significant things that separate it from the C920, then it’s a good webcam. But so is the C920 for $20 or so less.

    My attached video shows how the quality changes between framerates. Note that the video as a whole is way worse quality than either cam, because Amazon down-scaled the video when I uploaded, it, but you can still very clearly see how the quality gets even worse when the framerate changes.

    June 19, 2022
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    Howard Olsen

    The media could not be loaded.

     This is a great webcam. absolutely simple to set up and captures bright, vivid crisp video with exceptional detail. It does brighten the images brighter than the actual light in the room, but the end result looks great. I’ve included sample video comparing this Logitech c922 to the Razer Stargazer. Please Leave Comments as to your impression based on the video samples.

    June 19, 2022
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    S. James

    First, I think it’s pretty shady that Logitech somehow managed to bury the C922 reviews within the C920 reviews. These are very different cameras that should be reviewed separately. I assume that Logitech has done this intentionally to take advantage of the stellar 920 reviews while also hiding the glaring issues that the 922 has. This is an unscrupulous sales tactic.

    My review of the C922x PRO STREAM:

    The GOOD: The video quality is a minor upgrade over the excellent C920. The low light performance is better and it has an overall sharper picture. It truly has fantastic image quality. It advertises two huge upgradesare the ability to record 60FPS (only in 720p) and it has “Background replacement technology” (more on both below)

    The BAD:
    -In most of my test recordings, the 60FPS 720p videos look considerably worse than the 30FPS 1080p. It seems possible to get decent 60FPS results with perfect lighting and optimal conditions, so your mileage may vary. I am not a video professional but I’m experienced enough in this field to determine that this camera is not worth the upgrade if 60FPS is your only reason to buy it. The 1080p quality is stellar though, even at 30FPS.
    -The microphone is just as bad as the c920. It is utterly unusable. Any $10 USB microphone is light-years ahead of this microphone’s recording quality. I would expect this level of performance in a $20 budget webcam, but not something at this price. Seriously, unless you literally have no other options, do not use the built-in mic.
    -The “Background Replacement Technology” is kind of a gimmick. In the right conditions (again, with near-perfect lighting) it might do a good enough job for some people. It doesn’t look as accurate as a real green screen but it might suffice if you get your lighting just right. The main issue I have with it is that it has nothing to do with the camera.It’s all done in software. You have to download and install a rather large 3rd party application called ChromaCam by Personify. I can only assume that Logitech has some sort of kick-back deal with Personify to use their “technology” but I feel like I’ve been swindled by Logitech seeing how this software could potentially be used with numerous other cameras if it wasn’t locked down by the company. They pretended that this was some sort of revolutionary hardware tech that only Logitech could provide. I really dislike having unnecessary software installed from an unknown company. Most irritating of all, YOU HAVE TO SUPPLY YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AND LOGIN TO PERSONIFY TO USE THE BACKGROUND REMOVAL FEATURE. I’m not kidding. Totally unacceptable. Shame on you Logitech.

    -Logitech does not offer software for this device. That’s right, the Logitech Webcam Software that millions of people have used for years with every other Logitech webcam (including the c920) does not work with this camera, nor do they offer an alternative. They simply give you drivers and then you are on your own to find a 3rd party application to actually use the camera. Its absurd. I cannot image what possible reason they have to not provide a simple application so you can use the device that you just paid them for. Especially considering how much they’re touting the Background Technology. So not I have TWO third-party apps installed to use this camera. WTF?

    One more thing:
    You cannot easily connect 2 of these cameras on the same PC without lots of constant tweaking. OBS, xSplit, and other applications with see both cameras but adjusting the settings requires you to unplug them one-by-one and change settings as you plug them back in. I find myself doing this quite a bit as my lighting conditions and subjects are rarely the same. This had no bearing on my rating of this device as Logitech has never explicitly advertised this functionality, but I feel it’s worth mentioning in my review.

    June 16, 2022
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    I got this on sale for the same price as a 920 was at the time. If I had paid full price, it would be a 4-star because the 720@60FPS quality looks TERRIBLE. Change it to 40 or below and image quality looks fine but the whole 60fps things seems like a sham considering how washed out and blurry the quality is.

    I won’t even go into detail about the “background removal” software. It is pure garbage.

    In conclusion: 30fps quality is amazing. Only buy if on sale, otherwise go with 920.

    June 9, 2022
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    I can’t imagine how this camera has positive reviews. Maybe the user experience is vastly different in Windows than MacOS, but on MacOS the camera is only usable in Chrome or Slack if I quit and re-open the application immediately before use. The software for the camera that tunes the image doesn’t actually change the image in any applications that use it, nor does it persist the changes. The image is ridiculously washed out. Wildly overexposed – and because of the terrible software there’s really no way to fix it.

    It looks like trash even compared to the build in camera of an iPhone 5.

    It is huge and clunky. The audio ALWAYS produces echo so there’s no situation in which you can use the mic without headphones. No physical way to block the camera.

    Super garbage. Do not buy. It blows my mind that anyone would be satisfied with this camera. Almost anything else is better.

    June 4, 2022
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    Amazon Customer

    La caméra est excellente mais j’ai vite compris que je ne pourrais pas en profiter pleinement avec mon mac.
    1- Logitech nous offrent 6 mois d’un abonnement à XSplit qui semble super intéressent mais qui malheureusement, ne fonctionne pas sur IOS :-((
    2- Logitech n’offre aucun logiciel susceptible de nous donner accès aux contrôles de la caméra qu’il vendent. En ce sens, impossible de corriger le zoom, les blancs, la lumière, le contraste, etc. Sans contrôler la caméra, nous devons s’en tenir au setup de base et c’est totalement inacceptable.
    3- J’ai du me procurer une app qui s’appelle Webcam Settings qui m’aura coûté 12$ …. pour avoir le contrôle.
    Ce qui est le plus fâchant dans l’histoire c’est que dans la page Amazon, tout porte à croire qu’elle est adéquate pour être utilisée avec un mac…. Borderline fausse pub!!!!
    Je vais tout de même conserver la cam et faire avec …. Je n’aime pas retourner des produits!

    June 1, 2022

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