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  • SLIM ICE PACKS: Whether you’re headed back to work, school, or just want to escape the house for a picnic, these Cool Coolers Slim Ice Packs are perfectly sized for all types of bags. Pack them in lunch bags, coolers, beach bags, picnic baskets and more!
  • COMPACT DESIGN: These ice packs are slim and compact, yet powerful. They are perfect for tight spaces or stacking together for even greater cooling power. Included in this set are 4 multicolored ice packs.
  • LONG-LASTING: These reusable ice packs are designed to last long so you can head out knowing that what you pack will stay cool and fresh until you are ready to eat. For maximum cooling power, freeze the ice packs the night before use.
  • SLIM DESIGN: Great for using in tight spaces or stack several together for greater cooling power
  • CARE TIPS: Hand wash only. Do not microwave
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13 reviews for Discount on Fit & Fresh Cool Slim Reusable Ice Packs Boxes, Lunch Bags and Coolers, Set of 4, Multicolored, 4 Pack







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  • Avatar

    Ploni Almoni

    The shape and thinness have been perfect for the kids’ lunchboxes (not adding too much bulk, but keeping food cold). Different colors has been helpful, too, so we know if a kid didn’t put theirs away 😉

    August 13, 2022
  • Avatar

    Amazon Customer

    There’s not much to say about a decent ice pack – it keeps things cool and doesn’t leak. They aren’t very thick and thus don’t last as long as larger ice packs, but it’s easy to slide them in next to containers so you can use multiple if cooling is needed for a longer period of time. They’re sturdy enough, too – so far, the ones that have been accidentally dropped on the floor haven’t cracked open, so they can take some rough handling.

    August 7, 2022
  • Avatar


    A lot smaller than I imagined. Fits in the palm of your hand. Inside the plastic it appears to be just water …. Can’t confirm that though…. But it sure does seem like water as it doesn’t really last long. It’s not like other brands where inside it looks gel-like inside and the pack lasts longer than a bag of ice that melts quickly.

    I can only give it enough stars to say it is cheap price for 4 , and doesn’t leak. But expect the performance of cooling your kid’s lunch box as good as just a bag of ice. Only this doesn’t leak.

    I would try to find a proper cool gel pack that lasts longer than ice water.


    Update since further use:. I will need to up these to 5stars. Perhaps I didn’t initially freeze them long enough. After 7 days of usage and ample freezing, … I have to say these last a respectably long time. From 8am to 3pm (typical school day), the packs are still slushy!! So still pretty cool in the lunch bag. I will recommend these ice packs now with full 5 stars. Because it is really a great time price for 4.

    Note that I’m using basic landsend lunch bags for all of my kids. These lunch bags have a moderate thick insulation . Nothing special.

    August 7, 2022
  • Avatar

    Oscar Escobedo

    I’ve been using these along my small-ish “Thermos” lunch box (more of an insulated bag, really). It has 2 sections, the “main” one and the “bottom” one. I put 1 of these coolers per section and here are my findings:

    I work from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, meaning I am in the car at 7:30 AM the latest.

    At 10, the coolers are still frozen or near-frozen.
    At 12, the coolers are “cold” and so is my food. However, I’ve had mixed results with drinks* (More on this below)
    At 3, the coolers are fully thawed and are at room temperature.

    *With drinks… a milk-based shake was actually cold (fridge cold) at 12, I thought that was insane. However, a water-based kiwi smoothie was merely “fresh” not quite room temperature (I work in an office) but not quite “cold”. So expect some differences if you regularly take a drink to work. Personally I’ll start putting more than 1 of these coolers per section next time I bring a drink!

    Overall, very happy with my purchase. They are thin enough they fit even on small lunch bags but they stay cold for most of my morning that I definitely notice a difference! However, they only last about 3 to 4 hours “cold”. Hence my 4/5 score.

    August 7, 2022
  • Avatar

    A Eggert

    Sometimes still frozen at the end of the day! Got one of these and 1 XL pack and my stuff stays cold for 12+ hours!

    July 27, 2022
  • Avatar

    J. Guy

    I initially received a damaged item. Instead of having to go through Amazon and do their complicated return system, the company immediately sent a replacement. The product is great, especially the slim design, but the small business aspect is the great part about the purchase.

    July 21, 2022
  • Avatar


    Great product. Very happy

    July 8, 2022
  • Avatar

    Amber Miller

    I have a fabric container that fits my daughter’s bento box lunchbox in it perfectly. These ice packs are slim enough that I can put one under the bento box, and one on top to keep her lunch cold and the fabric outer container still has room to zip closed. Great little ice packs for these types of lunchboxes!

    July 1, 2022
  • Avatar


    We love these for lunchboxes at our house. Nice and slim- use 2 if you need to keep things colder longer. Easy to wipe off and cheap enough to replace if your kids accidentally throw one away

    June 24, 2022
  • Avatar

    Edder Rosado Lira

    Compramos este producto porque mi niño de 2 años, entro a un curso de verano y queríamos que su comida se mantenga fresca, y estan perfectos para su lonchera, la comida se mantiene fresca y estamos contentos. Pesan un poco, pero cumplen con lo que buscamos.

    June 24, 2022

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