Discount on Crest 3D Whitestrips, Professional Effects, Teeth Whitening Strip Kit, 44 Strips (22 Count Pack)

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  • Last 12 months and beyond
  • Use once a day for 30 minutes
  • Removes 14 years of teeth stains for a whiter smile
  • Delivers professional-level teeth whitening results
  • Advanced Seal Technology’s no slip grip stays put so you can talk and drink water while whitening teeth
  • 1 Hour Express Whitestrips remove years of stains I just 1 hour for a noticeably whiter smile
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7 reviews for Discount on Crest 3D Whitestrips, Professional Effects, Teeth Whitening Strip Kit, 44 Strips (22 Count Pack)







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    These work, there’s no denying it. Period. They stay put, as in I can sip water while wearing these.

    These WILL whiten natural teeth, no questions. *On occasion, I have felt some sensitivity a little while after an application, or some the next day. For me, it’s mild and fades quickly. For the majority of applications, there’s minimal to none.

    They are just so easy to use compared with the trays and other kits that require specific fitting. I’ve never tried those, I’ve always stuck with crest whitestrips.

    This came with a bonus two 1 hour express packets – which is why I chose this particular box most recently. The one hour express do provide a noticable whitening in one use, yet not immediately wter removing them. It’s as if the whitening continues to “develop” over a few hours. So don’t worry if you don’t see the change using the one hour express right away. It will absolutely be noticable a little later on.

    I’ve used the two hour express, and am using the main ones here and there. I use crest toothpaste as well. That way Ill have plenty of strips remaining for some touch ups here and there. I am absolutely on a budget, and although these are “pricey” ,the benefits are by far worth every penny.

    I verified purchased these, yet my previous review was entirely removed. I bought this box after I bought a little sample of toothpaste and a one hour express. I have no affiliation what so ever, literally. I love these and I highly recommend them.

    *There has been some type of sensitivity that I feel while wearing the strips. It’s like a very sharp yet very quick zap of pain on a tooth. I read that these pains are called “zingers.” I honestly haven’t ever had this happen, so I took a few months off. Thankfully, the time in between prevented any zinger pain. I especially wanted to include this Incase someone who has experienced the same issue is concerned and looking to see if anyone else has felt the same pain.

    June 24, 2022
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    David Vielma

    These do a great job at whitening your teeth. One tip I recommend is getting a pair of scissors, cut the strips out without peeling them, then with a sharpie pen trace the strips to outline your gums and then cut the strips to where they ONLY make contact with your teeth and not your gums; this will greatly reduce the amount of sensitivity you will get from using the strips. However, you will not be able to stretch the strips or else they will not accurately adhere to your teeth. Side note: fold the strips in half to get an idea as to how to center the strips on your teeth and use a mirror when tracing your gums with the sharpie pen. If you want even BETTER results, purchase a blue LED teeth-whitening light: wear the strips as directed, then, with the strips still in place, use the light for about 5-15 minutes, then take everything off. Try to invest in a sensitive toothpaste which you should brush with promptly after whitening.

    June 6, 2022
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    Crazy the difference in what just 4 treatments have done so far

    May 25, 2022
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    Silas Jayne

    **be sure to have a sensitive toothpaste on hand ** i have a tip that a dental assistant friend told me. take a good quality paper towel and cut out a piece and fold it the long way to make strips of “cotton” to stuff under your upper lip to soak up saliva as your whitening your teeth. the less saliva, the less watered down the peroxide gets, therefore maximizing its bleaching power. ok, about these strips….A+….I noticed a difference after one or two sessions. I’m on my third day. the 1st day I did two sessions in a row and one the next day, one today. my teeth are a little sensitive but not too bad. i don’t think I could do 10 days in a row. i also took an aleve before hand simply as a way to put the kabosh on any serious discomfort. very happy with results. and yes, the lil white spots on your teeth IS temporary so don’t freak out.

    May 6, 2022
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    I used to use these every 6 months or so to keep my teeth white, and for that they totally work. But I noticed after a few years of using them some of my teeth have become slightly “see through”. I talked to my dentist and they told me I have enamel damage! I don’t know if its from the whitestrips or not, so I switched to using 

    active wow charcoal toothpaste

     and I get the same whitening effect and its natural & organic. So why would I use chemicals on my mouth? crest youre dead to me.

    May 1, 2022
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    I have been whitening my teeth for years, I go thru spurts where I will whiten for 3 months at a time. Usually I find that my teeth get a little sensitive… I’ve been using these crest white strips for the last month, daily use leaving them on for 30 mins and I have NO sensitivity. my teeth are dramatically whiter, and they are easy.

    I will give a hint, because being the “white strip pro” that I proclaim to be, I didn’t read the instructions out of the box… make sure that before you put the strip on your teeth you gently pull both ends of it. this seems to activate the ingredients. I stupidly did not do this the first three strips that I put on and did not get the “whitening” sensation.

    April 18, 2022
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    ☆Chelsea Niteshades

    I haven’t used Crest White Strips in over 5 years. Since then my teeth have stayed really white and I frequently get compliments or questions on how I get my teeth so white. I decided to get a box to boost the whiteness of my teeth. Wow, I was shocked on how much these have improved! Before the strips were really flimsy, hard to remove from the package and were really hard to keep on your teeth – the old ones would slip or bunch up. These are such an improvement! The new strips remove easily from the plastic they are on. The strips are REALLY adhesive! These will not budge! Since I’ve purchased I have only used about 4 times and I can already notice a difference. Other people have noticed too. I think these are well worth the money and work as good as a professional treatment, I have had friends who have done professional treatments and their teeth are not as white as mine. I highly recommend these to anyone who wants a brighter/whiter smile!

    April 16, 2022

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